Archive Feb-June 2021

Date Topic Presenter
unknown Tower Hill…volcanoes and the western district pdf Ray Cas
8 Feb Moyjil (Point Richie) – a significant place video John Sherwood, Warrnambool pdf
9 Feb Donna Ellis…gardening  video  
15 Feb The US under a new president and updates video Gerry Engwerda, Albury-Wodonga  pdf
22 Feb Sustainability…energy   doc   video Bruce Key, Albury Wodonga
1 March Warrnambool Botanic Gardens ppt  video John Sheeley, Warrnambool
8 March The sea breeze – the thread that binds wine, Hector and the Morning Glory video Debbie Abbs, Melbourne
9 March Donna Ellis  Gardening  video  
15 March A history of the House  video Gerry Engwerda, Albury-Wodonga
22 March What causes climate change  video Dick Whitaker, Terrigal
29 March The Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program  video Chloe Leach, Melbourne
12 April Sustainability AEM and Demographics  video Bruce Key, Albury Wodonga   doc
13 April Donna Ellis Gardening  video  
19 April Warrnambool Library Librarian, Warrnambool
26 April Limits in nature – the speed of light and terminal velocity in the atmosphere  video Dick Whitaker, Terrigal
3 May Electoral Systems (face to face only) Fay Armstrong, Warrnambool
10 May Estuaries – their past, present and future  video John Sherwood, Warrnambool  pdf
17 May The Bayeux Tapestry (face to face only) Robin Southey, Warrnambool
24 May Sustainability..methods of misinformation  video Bruce Key, Albury Wodonga  doc
31 May Conflict in East Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan and the disputed islands in the South China Sea). pdf  video Gerry Engwerda, Albury Wodonga
7 June Tornados in Australian capital cities  video Dick Whitaker, Terrigal pdf
14 June Warrnambool cheese and butter history ppt  video Barbara and Graeme McLeod, Warrnambool
21 June Drones  video Blake Allan, Deakin
28 June China revisited 2021  video Gerry Engwerda, Albury Wodonga