Archive semester 2 2022

Philosophy of the mind

Descartes        text         video 1           click here       video 2   click here

After Descartes Materialism (and eliminativism)

text files      eliminative Materialism            Philosophy of mind after Descartes

videos          click here              and     click here

Searle    text    Searle Class Notes    video    click here

Panycychism and variants    Chalmers and pan psychism   

video       click here

Mysterianism    text             video 1      video 2

Vedanta Philosophy      text         video 1                  video2

Chinese room and bats

The Chinese Room Argument     video

What is it like to be a bat       video

David Bentley,,,Keith’s favorite  David Bentley Hart on Consciousness

Videos……..video1       video2


The 1903 Warrnambool earthquake      ppt file      click here

Standing Tall…a student mentoring program       click here

Advance Care Planning      ppt       website and forms     click here    and  click here

My Values tool to assist making an  advanced care directive   click here

Japan 1 Japan under the Shoguns           ppt         recording video

Japan 2 Edo, fire and water     ppt            video          video

Japan 3  Edo period Art and Culture        ppt       video     click here

Coastal Monitoring…Blake          video           ppt and videos     click here

Geology Ross Cayley        video 1      video 2   note last 5 min not recorded for each video

Megafauna extinction       Note screen sharing failed for first 20 min of video but voice OK        video       ppt (Gardner)   click here   ppt (Sherwood)  click here

ARIDFLO project       video  click here     ppt file    click here

Science in Action

Soil Science……………..ppt file click here     cation exch video    click here

also iview “Gardening Australia ser 33  august, title “Guitar, hydroponics, etc” 30 to 35 min section… with soil texture and dispersion

The Good Oil on oils and fats…..ppt file    click here

Froth and Bubbles (Soap and detergents)…ppt file      click here

What matters in the Kitchen 1.      click here ppt file

Kitchen 2 What is heat      ppt file