Archive- 2022 semester 1

Astronomy…Peter Lazarus

The Sun  8 March 2022 video recording click here        powerpoint file    click here

The Moon 15 March 2022  video recording   click here       powerpoint file    click here

The Planets 29th March    video recording   click here         powerpoint file    click here

Philosophy…Keith Purdie

Introduction  to Philosophy      here      Map of the major branches of philosophy          here

Presocratic Philosophy             text    Videos…Heraclites    here    Democrites            here      Xenophanes     here

Socrates to Plato     text files   metaphysics text         knowledge theory

videos     biography       Intro to Plato        divided line

Platos Cave and Ladder of love:  text files  cave    Plato allegory of the cave explained    ladder of love

videos      video 1          video 2

Legacy of Plato     text files      legacy text     Plato Penrose and Conway Morris      Penrose On Whether A Platonic Objectivity Can Exist Independent of Human Minds


video……click here

Aristotle      text file    Aristotle Metaphysics 2017    videos    aristotle 1     aristotle 2

Aristotle ethics         text file Aristotle Ethics Key terms    video   click here

aesthetics     Video             Click here  text file     Aesthetics Intro

International Affairs…Gerry Engwerda

Tibet 14th March………………… Video presentation     click here   ppt file     click here

Eastern Europe March 21……Video         click here         pdf file        click here

Population decline 4th April    Video        click here         pdf file       click here

Origins of the English language   video               click here     ppt        click here

Remaking China                 video                  click here          pdf file      remaking China


Social Interactions in Warrnambool

OzChild and family law services 7 march    powerpoint file       here

Brophy program          Brophy 16 May          Kinship Care at Brophy presentation 2022

Overview of WRAD    Mark Powell WRAD presentation on theraputeic tools

Jessica Maloney..early Intervention programs 20 june    pdf file

Geoff Wake Brophy Foyer 29 aug          video

WRAD     Mark Powell WRAD presentation on theraputeic tools

One off tutorials

Impressions of Egypt 22 March      ppt file  click here         video      click here

Kew Gardens  Sheeley 5 April         video        click here         ppt         click here

Homer, Jason, a look at the classics   video         click here     ppt       click here

King Richards Body           video            click here ppt        ppt            click here

Family History         video      click here        ppt          click here