Activities in 2023

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Mahjong.  details

Learn to enjoy this game which is played with 144 small rectangular tiles featuring dragons, winds, bamboo, circles and characters.

Cryptics.  details

Do you read the clues in these crosswords and wonder what on earth they mean?

Computers. Semester 1 only    details       Watch video

Explore what is inside a computer, and how to access these bits and fiddle with them.

Music Appreciation    details

A Grand Tour through the lives and music of the great, as well as some lesser known, composers of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic Periods.

Film Appreciation   details

Screenings of films by directors from around the world, giving insights into the diversity of art and imagination across many cultures.

One –off Tutorials.  timetable                   Details

Fascinating presentations on a diverse range of topics by local experts.

        International Affairs      Details

An update on world affairs zoomed in by an expert from Albury-Wodonga.

Science Course.  will resume in 2024      details

This course is primarily aimed at anyone with little knowledge of science and how it works. It will be hands on, with opportunity for discussion and interactions. Simple experiments, videos, and notes will be used to illustrate the principles which underpin science and a major aim is to have fun rather than learn a whole lot of facts.

Philosophy course.        details

(a) What is philosophy? (b) When and where did philosophy begin? (c) What are the fields and major issues in philosophy today?

Book club.        details

Enjoy sharing your reading experiences in a relaxed and friendly group

 Arts course. “Finding your inner artist”        details

A fun course for novices (and artists). A loosely structured series of events aiming for fun, socialising, and creativity in a variety of media.

 Mindfulness meditation.              details

A program designed to reduce stress and increase joy and happiness.

Major days at Deakin.     (being worked on)

Joint with Deakin and other regional U3As.

Music Recitals.    (being worked on)

Local artists to enthral us with live concerts.

Excursions    (being worked on)

These occur on a regular basis to various local interesting sites

Bridge Club              details

A collaboration with the Warrnambool Bridge Club

Pickle ball        details

A new fun game at the Pickle Ball facility at Warrnambool