2024 Activities

Semester 1, Febuary 1 to end of June

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David Quinless, phone 0490496323, weekly, Tuesday 10 am. at the library

Learn to enjoy this game which is played with 144 small rectangular tiles featuring dragons, winds, bamboo, circles and characters. Two to four people play, each attempting to complete a winning hand and so declare “Mah Jong”. All equipment is supplied, and assistance is offered to new players


Cryptics will be held at the Hammond Centre on the second and fourth Mondays in the month commencing February. Diana Young will do the photo copies and Anne Serra will collect and return the key each time.

Do you read the clues in these crosswords and wonder what on earth they mean? In a small group setting members learn to unravel the clues and share the process by which the solutions are found. Two puzzles are attempted at each session.  No elephant stamps, rather “Hurray” is exclaimed when each puzzle is solved.

Music Appreciation

Peter Hankinson: Monthly, second Sunday. 

David Fallaw: Monthly, third Sunday,                  

                             240 Lava Street, 14.00

Peter Hankinson will continue his monthly sessions where a featured composer’s life and works are explored via standout recordings of various of their compositions. In 2024, composers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries will be featured.

In David Fallaw”s monthly sessions, he will continue his exploration of the historical development of Western music moving from the late Baroque period into the Classical and Romantic periods using beautiful recordings to illustrate the story.

Film Appreciation

Peter Hankinson,  Monthly, first Sunday, 1400 at the Hammond Centre

Films from different cultures around the world, seeing life through different eyes. In 2023, we viewed a range of beautiful films from France. In 2024, the focus shifts to films from Japan, all varied and fascinating.

Come along once a month and enjoy these films and have an informal chat about them afterwards.

One-off Presentations

(14 Feb to 20 June) hybrid, face to face and zoom, Peter Dexter 2-4 pm, Approx. every second Tuesday, Reading room, library , open to all Full details of all tutorials and presenters will appear in advance in the Bi-Monthly Newsletters of U3A Warrnambool, on the U3Awarrnambool website, and a flier in the library and other places two weeks prior to each presentation. Registration through the library website is encouraged

International Affairs

Gerry Engwerda .Mondays 10.30 to 12 am, approximately fortnightly, closed sessions, seating for 15 so smaller room library. Will be streamed on zoom from Albury-Wodonga. Details will appear in the Bi-Monthly Newsletter and on the website.


Keith Purdie, fortnightly second and fourth Thursdays, 2-4 pm, at Hammond Centre,  closed sessions. 

Topics for the coming year to include: 
Political Philosophy
The free will/determinism issue in philosophy
The philosophy of time

Arts Course

Wednesday – Fortnightly, 12 to 2.30 pm,

The Creatory,  F Project Gallery,  224 Timor St.

I’m hoping for a fun-filled year of Art in 2024, we’ll explore experiment and express ourselves with a variety of mediums and discover new techniques through, sharing, challenging and inspiring each other.

The group will be a nurturing and non-judgemental, safe art space, that participants will be encouraged to suggest and lead activities. There may be opportunities for excursions to Galleries and Artist Studios as the year progresses.  Let’s see where our creativity takes us!

Jan will kick start the year with the first activity – easy print making.

Mindfulness Meditation

A program designed to help cope with stress and relaxation. Aneeta Snow Ph 0400855418 and Tracey Shawyer. Reading room,  at 4 to 4.45 pm first and third Mondays each month, open to all, registration at the library. Commences first Monday in Febuary

 “Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,” Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Cultivating this ability to observe the present, without judgement, can help us to respond to our experiences with clarity and focus, (rather than reacting out of old habits and patterns), in a manner that is most nourishing for ourselves and others.

People come to mindfulness courses / practices for a variety of reasons:

 1.       Self-regulation (to reduce stress, pain, anxiety, depression);

 2.       Self- exploration (to understand oneself better emotionally, physically and mentally);

 3.       Self-liberation (discovering our purpose in life, the meaning of life and other existential explorations).

Different types of practices will be offered including breath awareness, body scan, gentle movement (able to be done by everyone), walking meditation.

First Nations Course

Owen Martin, small meeting room at the library, Fortnightly, Wednesday, 2-4pm,8 sessions over 16 weeks. Owen will facilitate this network developed course aimed at increasing knowledge of First Nations history and culture. Semester 1 will focus on learning, and semester 2 may to progress to on-country activities and hands on interaction

Physics for everyone

Bill Gardner, small meeting room, library, Mondays 10 to 12, Fortnightly alternating with the International Affairs presentations

No need for advanced mathematics, or prior knowledge. Come for a romp through the maze of quantum mechanics, wave/particle duality, what is mass, energy and force, how matter is put together, the big bang and other items which be a bit puzzling

Science Course

“Curious about Science” Merryl Tanner and Gail Lemmens.  Monthly, Monday afternoons, 1.30-3.30 pm,  at Deakin University           

This course is primarily aimed at anyone with little knowledge of science and how it works. It will be hands on, with opportunity for discussion and interactions. Simple experiments, videos, and notes will be used to illustrate the principles which underpin science and a major aim is to have fun rather than learn a whole lot of facts.

Major Day at Deakin

Mid April, Wednesday, Hydrogen fuel technology and tour of the HyCel project


Barrie Baker. Monthly except April when Deakin Day occurs

Tours to visit the Botanic Gardens , Noodledoof (at Koroit) tour and beer/gin tasting at , Cheese world at Allansford, Timboon ice creamery and whiskey distillery are planned this semester